9/25/16: We offered a peace education training on conflict transformation.

July-August 2016: We facilitated restorative healing circles for participants at the Fr. McKenna Center, which serves persons living in poverty.

7/17-18/16- We offered non-partisan, unarmed civilian peacekeeping at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH. Press Release

June-August 2016: Peace Camps offered at various locations in the DC Metro area

5/8/16- We offered a Nonviolence and Meditation training.

2/20/16- We offered a Peace Education training through one of our core partner organizations, Little Friends for Peace.

1/22/16- We offered non-partisan, unarmed civilian peacekeeping at the March for Life to defuse hostility and cultivate empathy between protesters and counter-protesters.

11/21/15 – We offered an Advanced Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping (Protection) Training, 10:00-5:00pm, details here.

10/24/15 – We offered an advanced restorative justice circle training for 25 members of the DC community.

09/22/15 – We offered a NVC training to 15 young adults visiting DC for the visit of Pope Francis.

8/29/15 – We did a Nonviolent Communication training at St. Teresa of Avila’s parish in DC as they develop a peace team.

6/13/15- We offered a 4 hr. intro. training on the emerging approach of Conflict Transformation.

4/27/15- Offered Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping at the request of Georgetown students for a Westboro Baptist Church protest. Reflection by DCPT participants and G’Town students

3/27/15- Engaged in Peace Education at Walker Jones Elementary to explore a larger-scale DCPT project

3/21/15- Participated and Offered Training at the Nonviolent Communication Bazaar at American University

2/8/15- Presented Workshop about Domestic Peace Teams at the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in Washington DC

1/22/15 – Provided unarmed civilian peacekeeping at the March for Life.

1/19/15 – Trained 30 people in Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping at Georgetown University.

1/14/15 – Conducted a Conflict Mediation training at Trinity College.

12/16/14 – Access empathy from anywhere at anytime with the Empathy App. Learn more under the Resources page.

12/4/14 – DC Peace Team supports the Ferguson Statement made by the Shanti Sena Network.

11/6/14 – Restorative Justice Training – November 16 at 1:30pm. Details under the Trainings page.

9/6/14 – DC Peace Team announces upcoming fall trainings. See the calendar below for opportunities to sharpen your nonviolent skills!

9/6/14 – DC Peace Team co-facilitated an eight-hour workshop aimed to engage the Coolidge High School freshman class and build community around the themes of inclusivity, conflict resolution, and leadership.

9/4/14 – The effort of DC Peace Team in creating peace is applauded by Robert C. Koehler in his latest article “A Future That Values Everyone.

6/15/14 – DC Peace Team adds Peace Circle Center as a partnering organization. Learn more about Peace Circle Center on the Partners page.

5/27/14 – DC Peace Team heads to New Beginnings in Laurel, MD to engage youth in the juvenile justice system through five sessions about non-violence over the next three days.

5/25/14 – DC Peace Team announces Peace Camp 2014 dates of our partner Little Friends For Peace – Camp Dates and Information.

4/12/14- DC Peace Team welcomes Meta Peace Team to DC for the Advanced Peace Team Training.

3/10/14- DC Peace Team announces volunteer opportunities that generate peace.

3/9/14 – DC Peace Team announces its objectives for 2014.

2/13/14 – DC Peace Team officially supports the restorative justice platform set by the DC Alliance for Restorative Practices. Check out Policy/Advocacy for ways to help.

2/6/14 – Jessica Anderson, a Senior at Georgetown Univ. who volunteered with the DCPT this past semester doing street monitoring with Safe Passage and at Gallery Place contributed to Building a Movement of Peace Teams.

1/22/14 – DC Peace Team offered unarmed civilian peacekeeping at the March for Life to defuse hostility and cultivate empathy among all parties.

1/20/14 – DC Peace Team hosted an 8 hour training, Nonviolent Conflict Intervention and Peace Teams, at Georgetown University.

12/11/13 – DC Peace Team welcomed a Cure Violence rep to DC to explore replicating their proven violence interrupters model in Ward 7. We met with DC Gov. officials, police, and community residents. Very exciting! To learn more about the model see