Restorative Justice Offerings

1) Advanced Topics: Circles
Please join us ONLINE or in-person for hour or so community building restorative circles, where participants will be invited to relate, connect, and grow through guided sharing about various harms or challenges. For example, a non-exhaustive list of topics is below:

*Anti-Racism and Privilege
*Trauma-Informed approaches
*Mental Health
*Finding Forgiveness
*Personal Challenges
*Relationship/Friendship/Kinship Challenges
*Community/Workplace Challenges
*Spiritual/Religious/Meaning/Purpose Challenges

2) Circles for Organizations or Groups [Online or In-Person]
We also offer professional restorative facilitators for circles or dialogues between persons or groups to transform conflict, increase understanding, and build community, etc. We have offered these for many different types of groups, such as the DC birthworker-doula community, religious communities, local garden groups, etc. Other examples are below.

a) McKenna Center Project: Healing Circles
We offered healing circles twice a month for men living on the streets, shelters, or in low-income situations. Our topics included personal, family, community/workplace, meaning/spiritual struggles.

b) Anacostia Community: Healing Circles
We accompanied Black community leaders in a Washington DC neighborhood within Anacostia who are struggling to address local issues of trauma, conflict, disruption, and violence. We created a space for healing,  creative imagination linked to genuine needs of key stakeholders, and collaborative initiatives rooted in the strengths and wisdom of the local community.

Participant Reflection (Dec. 2020): “You have done an incredible job with the Healing Circle.  It was quite therapeutic for me and actually helped me to get through some really tough times this year in particular.  I want to applaud you both for doing this voluntarily on Saturdays to help the leaders of our community breathe, heal and have a sacred place to communicate.”

3) Restorative Youth Circles
Our restorative justice team is in process of developing these in collaboration with youth groups and leaders. Sign up for our e-list to get updates on this initiative.

4) Training 
We offer regular training in restorative justice skills, including basic, advanced, and training for trainers.

We can offer you professional restorative justice practitioners in schools, justice systems, families, communities, etc.