We have given trainings in DC, Virginia, Maryland, New York City, San Antonio, San Diego, Mexico, and even China! We would love to come visit you with one of our trainings below.

Core Training Topics: We offer basic, advanced, and training for trainers.

A. Nonviolent Communication
NVC is a form of compassionate communication that helps de-escalate and transform interpersonal, inter-group, and organizational conflicts. NVC helps us understand ourselves- feelings, needs- more fully and open our hearts to connect and collaborate better with others.

B. Active Bystander Intervention
This training teaches effective skills for assessing, de-escalating, and diffusing a problematic situation. Active bystander training focuses on a bystander observing a problematic situation and determining if and how to intervene.

C. Unarmed Civilian Protection and Peacekeeping
UCP directly protects others from harm and direct violence, as well as in some cases cultivates empathy between conflict parties. UCP is often deployed in pairs or teams for neighborhood events, political demonstrations, social gathering places, individual/group accompaniment, etc.


UCP during Unite Right Rally, Aug. 2018

UCP Training 1.18 Small

UCP Intro. Training Jan. 2018

D. Restorative Justice
We offer basic restorative justice training and advanced training in specific skills such as circle processes. Restorative Justice focuses on the harm done to relationships and how to heal that harm. 

E. Peace Education
We offer training in how to organize peace education modules for after school, during school, summer camps as well as for both youth and adults. We also offer Help Increase the Peace training, which includes topics such as: Affirmation: Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem; Communication: Listening, Speaking, and Observing; Anger-Violence-Conflict Resolution; Diversity and Intolerance; Understanding Self and Others: Racism, Internalized Oppression, Bullying; Gender, Violence and Relationships; Cooperation and Trust.

F. Conflict Transformation
CT views conflict as an opportunity for growth. This entails attending to the personal, relational, structural, and cultural dimensions of conflict.

G. Nonviolence and Meditation
We offer training on the integral relationship of nonviolence to the practice of meditation.

TRAINING FOR TRAINERS: *Depending on your needs, we can help build your local leaders and capacity by providing training for trainers for all the above trainings as well as other training modules that could include but are not exhausted by the following themes: An Exploration in the Philosophy and Practice of Nonviolence; Cultural Diversity and Issues of Power and Privilege; Self-Care for Peace Teams, Spirituality and Nonviolence, etc.