Participant Responses

ONLINE Trainings:
“The vulnerability that everyone showed and the truly safe and brave space that was created. I have never felt more heard in my life”…“You both really blew me away I can’t say enough amazing things about this. Incredible”…”a 10 out of 10!” Niagara University students, Jan. 27, 2021

“This should be taught at every workplace, university, and school!! Especially workplaces!!” Angela, Feb. 19, 2021 [NVC Training]

“The generosity and care that goes into making this happen in a time when it’s needed most at a price I won’t be turned away from is the best of 2020. It brings me life at time I feel most dead. I am SO appreciative and will gratefully be returning. I’m to the MOON! ❤ Thank you (is an understatement).” Laci, Dec. 2020 [NVC Training]

“My biggest take away was to remember to listen, to fully receive the conflict at hand and really hear what the other person/ people are saying, and to acknowledge their feelings, and hear what they want from me or vice versa before trying to resolve those feelings. I actually used what I learned in this training a couple days ago in a relationship in which we’ve been struggling to communicate our feelings about a recurring issue. I feel a million times better about that issue as we laid out a clear framework of what we need from each other, and how we can get there, and I think it’s very possible what I learned in this training saved this relationship.” Niagara University student, Jan. 27, 2021

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to learn more about this uplifting and life-affirming process. I feel so much more at peace with myself than I did before the session began.” Laura, Nov. 2020 [NVC Training]

“Mega Appreciation for the DC Peace Team! – Having joined a few of the DC Peace Team sessions has helped a lot with getting through the pandemic and managing conflict. It has been very awesome to interact with people from around the world also interested in conflict management. I’m impressed with how y’all have perfected the Zoom format and training folks online. What you all are doing is such a wonderful service during this crazy era.” Alicia Gellar, April 26, 2020

In Person Training: Active Bystander Intervention
“The DC Peace Team’s program was an amazing opportunity for our students. There is no doubt our students will benefit from learning key concepts and strategies for how to de-escalate a conflict. Eli and Eliane expertly led our sessions for students, faculty and staff. Our campus police chief was skeptical when she heard about the event, but walked away impressed with the DC Peace Team’s presentation and expertise. We can’t wait to integrate what we learned from the DC Peace Team!” –Professor at Northwest Vista Community College in San Antonio, TX

“One of our older women shared a story of being the target of abuse on a city bus when she was 17 years old. She has carried that story for 60 years, and shared that she has always felt guilty about it – that it was somehow her fault that she didn’t stop the attack. Eliane took her story and turned it into a training exercise in a way that was empowering for the woman who shared the story. She says she now knows it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t stop the attack, but she also feels that she could intervene if she saw something like that happening to someone else today. I was really impressed by Eliane’s gentleness in honoring the story, coupled with her clarity about how to intervene.”- Pastor at Methodist Church, Washington DC