Participant Responses

Trainings: Active Bystander Intervention
Participant: “The DC Peace Team’s program was an amazing opportunity for our students. There is no doubt our students will benefit from learning key concepts and strategies for how to de-escalate a conflict. Eli and Eliane expertly led our sessions for students, faculty and staff. Our campus police chief was skeptical when she heard about the event, but walked away impressed with the DC Peace Team’s presentation and expertise. We can’t wait to integrate what we learned from the DC Peace Team!” -Professor at Northwest Vista Community College in San Antonio, TX

Participant: “One of our older women shared a story of being the target of abuse on a city bus when she was 17 years old. She has carried that story for 60 years, and shared that she has always felt guilty about it – that it was somehow her fault that she didn’t stop the attack. Eliane took her story and turned it into a training exercise in a way that was empowering for the woman who shared the story. She says she now knows it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t stop the attack, but she also feels that she could intervene if she saw something like that happening to someone else today. I was really impressed by Eliane’s gentleness in honoring the story, coupled with her clarity about how to intervene.”- Pastor at Methodist Church, Washington DC