About Us

We envision a society committed to sustainable peace and justice.

We commit to unleashing the power of ordinary civilians to increasingly become nonviolent people: 1) by engaging in nonviolent resistance to injustice and 2) serving our communities using creative nonviolent skills, with a particular focus on unarmed accompaniment and protection.

The DC Peace Team lives this mission by:

  • deploying unarmed civilian protection units
  • providing training in key nonviolent skills
  • facilitating dialogues and restorative justice approaches

The unique niche we fill in the DC metro area is developing the tradition of nonviolent and unarmed protection or accompaniment, networking of partner organizations and community members, and collaborative projects that bring together the range of effective nonviolent skills we offer training in.

**In combination with international peace teams, we hope that developing local peace teams will contribute to understanding the power of nonviolent peacemaking. We hope to demonstrate and promote a restorative justice model with our communities. In turn, we hope to contribute to gradually transforming the way we engage conflict locally and with other actors around the world.

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