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1/18/19 We will deploy a nonpartisan unarmed civilian protection unit during the March for Life event to defuse hostility, interrupt de-humanization, and generate empathy when possible.

1/12 and 1/13/2019 We offered an introductory training to Unarmed Civilian Protection and a training for trainers who want to facilitate such an introduction.

12/15/2018 We trained and deployed a nonviolent protective accompaniment team during the Posadas events on the San Diego/Tijuana border. Read our report and see a local press report.

12/1/2018 We offered an introductory training to restorative justice circles.

11/3/2018 We offered an introductory training in Nonviolent Communication as well as a training for trainers.

10/6/2018 We offered a training in Conflict Transformation and Personality Styles in Washington DC.

9/23/2018 We joined Campaign Nonviolence for their week of actions and convergence in DC. Sign up to be part of the movement!

9/1/2018 We offered an active bystander intervention intro. training and a training for trainers in NYC at the Won Buddhism center.

8/14/2018  DC Peace Team_Unite_Right_Rally_Post_Event_Press_Release

8/10/2018 PRESS RELEASE: “DC Peace Team will Deploy Unarmed Protection Unit During ‘Unite the Right’ Rally” on Aug. 12 in DC

7/18/2018 We offered a training in Active Bystander Intervention at Friendship Place in DC.

6/3/2018 We offered non-partisan, unarmed civilian protection at a Palestinian-Israeli demonstration in VA. See our reports here.

4/28/2018 We offered a restorative circle with clients at Charlie’s House in DC.

3/22-23/18 We offered training in Active Bystander Intervention at Northwest Vista campus of Alamo Community College in San Antonio, TX.

3/17/18 We offered an introduction to restorative justice circles.

1/19/18 We offered non-partisan unarmed civilian protection at the March for Life in Washington DC.

1/13/18 We offered an introductory training to unarmed civilian protection from 1-5 pm and a subsequent training for trainers.

11/1, 8, 15/2017 We offered 3 cumulative sessions from 7-8:30 pm on Active Bystander Intervention at The Metropolitan Church in DC.

9/16/17 We offered de-escalation training for the Fr. McKenna Center staff, who work with low-income men often living on the street.

9/8/17 We offered nonviolent communication training for professional counselors and social workers.

9/6/17 We offered de-escalation training for Friendship Place staff.

9/5/17 We welcome a Community Mediation DC as a new organizational member of the DC Peace Team!

8/15-9/5 We offered unarmed civilian protection for immigrant youth in DC.

8/4/2017: We offered an Active Bystander Intervention training for a Quaker Youth Camp in Frederick, MD.

June-August 2017: Peace Camps offered at various locations in the DC Metro area

5/21/17: We offered an Introduction to Active Bystander Intervention training at Burke Presbyterian Church in VA.

4/8/17: We offered a Training for Trainers on Active Bystander Intervention.

1/20-21/17: We deployed nonpartisan unarmed civilian peacekeepers, as well as facilitated training in active bystander intervention during Inauguration events.

1/18/17: We facilitated a Seek Justice, Find Peace: A Town Hall Event.



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  1. Connie Totera-Hutchison says:

    Great work!!

  2. emilia colon says:

    Impressed list of events.

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